We are a church that desires to be relevant to today's culture.  We don't pretend to have everything together, nor do we expect that of you.  Weekly, we consider the claims of Jesus and what they mean for our lives.  We'd love to have you join us in this journey.


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Sunday Small Groups 9:00 AM
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Wednesday Activities 6:30 PM

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First Step

Let me commend you for your consideration taking the first step into Christianity.  Everyone gets to this place a little differently. For some, life has taken them to rock bottom or lower and the only direction left to turn is up toward God.  Others have had their basic assumptions about life questioned and challenged, maybe through a conversation with another Christian or just prolonged reflection on life.  Whatever brought you to this point, we’re happy you’re here and hopefully we can help.


There are a lot of angles we can take on Christianity’s first step.  To frame this discussion, we like to put in the form of FOUR QUESTIONS.  There’s a lot of information here, but I think you’ll find it helpful in your consideration of Christianity.  

Is There a Heaven? 

Is There a Hell? 

Is There a Hope?

Is There a Hurry?